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You want to be healthier and have more energy. You want to take good care of yourself. The problem is, life is hectic. However nice itd be to have time for long strolls in the countryside, afternoon naps and relaxing baths youve got a few little matters like work, family, friends, chores and hobbies to fit into your day.

Perhaps youve made a few attempts at trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and theyve never worked out. You start a new diet every Monday. You try to quit caffeine, sugar and alcohol all at once. You take up exercising and your muscles are protesting after a day.

Sometimes, though, its the little changes which make a big difference. You dont need to follow a huge time-consuming plan for the perfect body you just need the energy and enthusiasm to tackle life every day.

Here are five simple steps, all of which combined will take just twenty minutes each day. (If you have a few extra minutes to spare, Ive also suggested some bonus activities.)

Switch one drink to de-caff 0 minutes

Im not suggesting you quit caffeine full stop just switch one of your daily coffees to a de-caffeinated version. Its a little change which takes no time at all, and which youll hardly notice after a couple of days.

If youre trying to cut down considerably on caffeine, do it gradually. For instance, if you currently drink six coffees per day, switch to five regular and one de-caffeinated this week, then cut down a bit more next week, and so on.

Bonus: Do the same thing with one regular soda switch to a diet version, or flavored water. It might take your taste buds a week or two to adapt, but stick with it!

Grab a piece of fruit 1 minute

Next time youre feeling peckish, grab a piece of fruit. This takes a minute at most probably just a few seconds. If you keep a bowl of fruit close at hand, its a very easy snack!
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Eating more fruit will:RuneScape Gold

    * Ensure you get enough vitamins, vital for health
    * Boost your fiber intake, improving your digestion
    * Help fill you up between meals for minimum calories

Bonus: Keep a bottle of water on your desk so that its within easy reach. Youll find yourself sipping more and staying hydrated during the day reducing the urge to snack. (Many of us mistake mild thirst for hunger.)
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Health Top Tips Nutrition Love Lifestyle Happiness Weight Loss  archlord gold

Brush your teeth (properly) 4 minutes
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Hopefully, last chaos gold you already brush your teeth twice a day. If youre being totally honest, though, there are probably times when you dont manage that or when brushing is just a quick swipe round your mouth with the tooth brush.

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes. Try timing yourself next time you brush yours: chances are, youre not brushing for long enough.

Bonus: Dont forget to floss daily too.
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Meditate 5 minutes wow cd keys

In recent years, meditation has become much more mainstream. Proven health benefits like decreased stress are pretty attractive to most of us! But because were busy, we often dont take the time to sit and quieten our minds.
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If youmaple story power leveling re uncertain about what meditation involves, and want an easy introduction, try 6 Tips for People Who Dont Have Time to Meditate.

Meditation really isnt a woo-woo new agey activity. Its just a way to get some space and perspective in your life through a few minutes of precious calm.

Bonus: Many people not just those who follow a particular religion find it helpful to read a little from a spiritual or inspirational text each day.
dog carriers,
Take a brisk walk 10 minutes dog carriers

Lets face it, most of us should do more exercise. The trouble is, just the thought of the gym can be stressful. Perhaps you dont have time after work, or you dont want to follow a vigorous routine.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to walk. Walking wont put as much stress on your joints as other cardio activities, you can do it in your normal clothes, and you can easily go faster or slower depending on your fitness level. Just ten minutes is enough to see physical and mental benefits.

Bonus: Find ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine, so that it doesnt take up extra time. (Get off the bus a stop earlier, or walk to the local store instead of driving, for instance.)

Better Health in Just 20 Minutes A Day
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